June 8, 2021

To all of our Resident, Families, and Friends,

I am writing to you today to provide an update on our COVID19 status and visitation status as of June 8, 2021. Today we were notified that an employee has tested positive for COVID19. Unfortunately, since this is our second employee to test positive in the last 28 days, we are now back in outbreak status for the next 28 days beginning today. At this time, no resident has tested positive for COVID19. The facility will begin testing all residents and staff to ensure no further cases develop.

In outbreak status, visitation is put on pause temporarily except for compassionate care visits, which are allowed to be scheduled. So, until we can get test results back on residents and staff, no visitation is allowed inside or outside, except for compassionate care situations.

Once test results are received and we have no further positive results, scheduled visitation can resume inside and outside of our facility. Our test results should come back to us by the end of this week. Once received we will communicate this to everyone.

If the test results come back with additional positives, then indoor visitation will not be allowed except for the compassionate care visits. Outdoor visitation will be accommodated by scheduling with the receptionist. This will continue for 28 days from our last employee or resident that tests positive.

I hope that everyone understands the importance of getting vaccinated and continuing to wear masks, despite some of the state laws being relaxed. COVID19 is still present and still runs as a risk for our geriatric population. We encourage all our residents, staff, and visitors to get vaccinated and continue to wear a mask in public places. Current state law requires all people to wear a mask while in the campus of a skilled nursing facility. We have noticed that some of our outside visitors are removing their mask during the visit. We strongly encourage you to always wear a mask while on our campus.

Thanks for your patience and support in these times,

Chip Lacy-Sellers, LNHA